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Into Bink ~ a Look Behind the Wine
We thought some of you might enjoy knowing more about what we’re doing. As our story evolves, we’ll continue to update this section with new photos and other cool stuff. For regular Bink eNews updates, sign up on our mailing list.

  • Cindy and Reilly overlooking Hawks Butte Vineyard in May
  • Hawks Butte Merlot clusters in early May
  • Syrah veraison in mid-August
  • Merlot harvest day sunrise, September 23.
  • Deb checks sugar, or brix, levels with a refractometer
  • Merlot clusters ready to go to the winery
  • Hillside Syrah at Hawks Butte
  • Checking Pinot Noir fermentation (Wadenswil 2A clone)
  • Hawks Butte Merlot
  • A tractor pulls half-ton bins through the vineyard
  • Deb hand-punching down Pinot Noir during fermentation
  • Cindy and Deb 'barreling down' the wines