Randle Hill

Planted with Sauvignon Blanc in 1982, the 13-acre Randle Hill Vineyard is located at an elevation of about 1200', 40 miles inland from the ocean. The owners, Deborah and Edward Wallo, believe in sustainable farming practices and achieved certification by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in 1986. This 4-year certification process ensures that no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers are ever used. The Wallos believe in farming practices that ensure a healthy, sustainable soil to provide robust plants and vibrant, complex grapes – the basis of great wine. To provide nutrition and control pests, the Wallos use a combination of seasonal cover crops – fava beans, winter peas, oats, dwarf grasses and clover, along with seaweed and/or kelp compost.