Hawks Butte

Nestled at the base of Hawks Butte on a series of benches and hillsides, our estate vineyard is about 1200' above sea level and 35 miles inland from the Pacific coast. The estate, really more of a ranch, is entirely within the Yorkville Highlands appellation. The south-facing, rocky slopes of Hawks Butte Vineyard heat up to 90 to 100 degrees during summer days, but cool in the evenings since a coastal breeze and occasional rolling fog bank reach inland. The rocky soils and exposure of the vineyard make for challenging growing conditions, but produce slow-growing, low-yield vines with small, intense syrah and merlot.

Hawks Butte Vineyard is a wild and peaceful place in the middle of nowhere. The site was once a sheep ranch, then a rustic farm, which lies about two miles up the mountain above Highway 128, mid-way between the small towns of Yorkville and Boonville. Spectacular views overlook the valley below, across layers of hills toward the ocean. Oak, madrone, buckeye, and native grasses surround the vineyard. Hawks Butte locals include deer, coyote, red-tailed hawks, acorn woodpeckers, and the occasional bobcat or mountain lion.